FX Particle Builder – Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets Script for After Effects Full Version

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FX Particle Builder – Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets Script for After Effects

FX Particle Builder is a particle generator and you create fire, dust, magic, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particles in fastest and easiest way. You can give life to your still images with brush tool and create different broadcast packages, title sequences, logo reveals or photo slideshows. Works on pictures, texts, video and etc. Also authors can create templates with these different particles.



After clicking on the above link, wait for 6 seconds and then click on the


button at the Right-Top of the browser window to reveal the download link

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  • Umesh Gangurde


  • Umesh Gangurde

    can u Upload “video copilot jet strike sky bundle and flight kit”?..

  • Scotch Buddies

    i am getting some error message while i am using fx particles, it says “project or favourite was made with an EARLIER version of trapcode particode. upgarading project file,please save project with a new name…would y
    ou help about it..thanks

    • It is showing that because the script used earlier version of Trapcode.

      • Abhishek Mehta

        i also have same issue what should i do for fix it

        • Just click “OK” every time.

          • Ozy Saputra

            > trapcode particular had no sequance data. using defaults. < what happen ? —

  • M.Alikhan

    I want the purchase code if you have it for fx- particle builder

  • M.Alikhan

    i didnot got any reply please ……

  • M.Alikhan

    Thanks a lot its working

  • M.Alikhan

    thaks a lot its working

  • M.Alikhan

    thanks a lot its working

  • Ranjodh Singh

    only one question is it working with cc 2015
    becozz in instruction it says cs5

    • Yes it works with cc 2015

      • Ozy Saputra

        not working for AE CC 17 -_-

  • EduMiguel16

    it keeps telling me that the “Particular” reference is not available or something. please help

    • Jonatech Josha Lutalo

      same problem with me did u get a solution

      • Edu hehe xd


  • james kolinski


    How to install, in the instructions it says you need to buy code.
    Thank you..

  • Hiro

    How do I install this exactly? There are no instructions really.

    • There are instruction inside the folder provided. “Quick Guide.pdf”

      • Hiro

        Missed it, thanks.

  • Marcus Kelly

    I have copy and pasted the two scripts contained within the Downloaded “After Effects Script” Folder, to the required places as per the Dowloaded Quick Guide PDF. Do I need to do anything with the “Downloaded” After Effects Project Files, Folder. Sorry if I sound dumb, but the instructions contained within the download only mention the two files that are contained within the Scripts Folder…..and thanks for your services, by the way….it is truely appreciated.

    • No, you are doing great. Have fun with the FX Builder. Those After Effects project files are there to help you with get started.

      • Marcus Kelly

        Deleted….Answer above. Many Thanks.

      • Marcus Kelly

        I see the Affect now….once again many thanks for this site.

    • Kiên Lãi

      Give me purchase code please!

  • Junaish Backer

    I know its pre cracked… But it still does ask me for purchase code.. am I missing something?

  • Ozy Saputra

    only one question is it working with AE cc 2017? cause i follow the tutorial on ae cc 17 not work , after i click brush then brush my composotion click brush again not happen -_- or this presets only work for AE CC 15 ? sorry for my bad english.

  • Boussalsa Dyaa

    I like this website

  • Jonatech Josha Lutalo

    hello am having a problem when i apply the effect it brings error message tht favorite effect is missing am using cc 2015

  • Shimizu Akari

    purchase code? number?

  • ace

    any update for this one? since it seems to not work for AE CC 2017