Red Giant Universe 2.1 Full Version

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Red Giant Universe 2.1 is an expending collections of premium plugins for Motion Graphics in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

An expanding collection of free and premium plugins for professional editors and motion graphics artists.

Red Giant Universe includes over 90 high-quality, free and premium effects and transitions that you will use in your work every day: Knoll Light Factory EZ, Holomatrix, Chromatic Glow, Glitch, and much, much more.

Red Giant Universe 2.1 runs on the GPU, giving you near-real time feedback and rendering. No matter what host-application you’re in, Universe helps you get your work done faster.

With a focus on awesome, easy-to-use text effects, the The Universe 2.1 update includes 6 new text tools and updates to 2 existing effects.


  • AV Club – Mimic the lo-fi, noisy text you find on ancient video tapes, old infomercials and local access cable channel shows.
  • Luster –  Give your text a slick 1980’s retro look. Luster applies a metal sheen to text, and includes a refraction-based bevel for a glassy simulated 3D look.
  • Title Motion – Create text and shapes and then instantly add dynamic animations that bring them on and off screen. Great for titles, lower thirds, callouts and more.
  • Ecto – Create haunting, evolving titles with this glowing fractal-based effect, inspired by Ghostbusters and Stranger Things.
  • Long Shadow – Apply a colored, long shadow to text, logo or shape, for both classic and modern motion design.
  • Glo Fi II – Give text an ethereal moody look by instantly adding silky smooth, self-animating, fractal-based glow effects to titles. A simple UI make it easy to apply evolving, organic glows.


  • Line – This update adds the ability to add text at the start and endpoint of a line.
  • Holomatrix II – This update includes blurred, chromatic distortions, a new strobe effect and much more.




After clicking on the above link, wait for 6 seconds and then click on the

button at the Right-Top of the browser window to reveal the download link

Please read FAQ if you need basic help.

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  • Jan Lloyd T. Dantes

    Hi. The part 1 of the file was corrupted. Kindly check please? I have downloaded it twice but got the same error in extracting the file. Thank you.

    • Hello, the part 1 isn’t corrupted. Kindly download all the parts and read FAQ for more information about how to extract them. Thank you.

  • Jose Agustín Rangel R

    Worked perfect…installing! Thanks.

  • Marbless Muttach

    After I’m installing all the part (1-5), I opened adobe premiere pro cs6 for testing all plugins.. but there’s nothing..? What should I do? The plugins address here : C:Program FilesRed GiantRGFXPlugins .But I really confused 🙁 .. What is the next step for adding the plugin to adobe premiere/after effect ?? Plz help me, thanks..

  • Jonatech Josha Lutalo

    is it compatible with adobe cc 2015 thanks

  • Kresho

    i have problems with opening “preset box” its crashing my AE down :(.

    • Kresho

      i use CC2014

  • MindlessGonzo

    Works with Vegas Pro 14 on Windows 7 64 bit.

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  • Natã Schmitt

    Why the downloads are so slow? im downloading at 30 Kb/s.

  • Emincan Gençer

    Can you give serial numbers without downloading something?

  • Gaston

    Dosn’t work un Vegas 15

  • Darfin C

    hey pls help me it said trial expired in red giant suit after i installed it

  • Julien Znaty

    OS Work?

  • Pixota Longa

    universe 2.2 is out!!!! where can i download cracked version? thakkkks