Red Giant Universe 2 Premium Full Version

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Red Giant Universe 2 is an expending collections of premium plugins for Motion Graphics in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

An expanding collection of free and premium plugins for professional editors and motion graphics artists.

Red Giant Universe includes over 90 high-quality, free and premium effects and transitions that you will use in your work every day: Knoll Light Factory EZ, Holomatrix, Chromatic Glow, Glitch, and much, much more.

Red Giant Universe runs on the GPU, giving you near-real time feedback and rendering. No matter what host-application you’re in, Universe helps you get your work done faster.




After clicking on the above link, wait for 6 seconds and then click on the


button at the Right-Top of the browser window to reveal the download link

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  • Daniel Janson

    After installation i cant find anything in my after effects

  • NetX (Alan Guzmán)

    Same as Daniel but with sony vegas

    • It’s for AE & Pr. It works fine if you install it properly.

  • Mahen Vaswani

    Does this need any serial no. to install or are these free installations?

    • Mahen Vaswani

      I am talking just about RG Universe 2 as I don’t see a serial key file.

      • It is precracked.

        • Mahen Vaswani

          Looking for the Mac. Downloaded from the RG site but it’s a trial version. Any idea?

          • You should use original version if you use a Mac. This a Windows software website.

  • Stupid question im sure, but I am a noob. How do you install properly…like what is the procedure once you have all the file parts? DO you combine them somehow before you place them in the adobe plugins file….I’ve only downloaded full plugins before so im sort f at a loss xD

    • vaaski

      Use Winrar to open the part 1 and extract JUST PART ONE.
      Winrar will automatically extract it from all the parts.

      • Ah thanks alot, I ended up figuring it out but mucho gracas!

  • karan

    holo matrix doesnt work on cs 6 and cc 2015.when i click on choose a preset.
    after effects crash.any fix?

    • You need to re-install AE. If it doesn’t help then consider formatting your pc.

      • karan

        thanks i will give it a try.

      • karan

        clicking on chose a preset crash after effects on both of my computers

  • Eric Nova

    Do you have to download all of them or just one?

    • Each one is a part file for whole program, so you have to download all.

  • Shodan Shodan

    Effect presets not working. It is empty. 🙁

    • It shouldn’t be empty. Try to do a fresh installation of your OS, AE and Universe 2

  • Near Baskara

    does it work on CS6? after I installed it I can’t find it in my effects

  • TPress Gdlk

    Dude, its not working , i put the RGFX in the plugin folder, and its not working at all , do u have a solution ? I dont have RedGiant in my effect

    • TPress Gdlk

      Im using CC 2015 btw

  • Rahatul Islam Prince
  • _DasH

    What’s your Pr and Ae version? After installation my program still the same

    • It’s CC 2015.
      It works when you everything in default location since the start.

  • Meli

    I’m not being able to install it, it says something about a folder path and then says that access is denied :(.
    I really need this plugin pls.

  • Gino Nichele

    I installed and I can add the effect to my videos, but it say’s I need to check my acc and it adds the watermark. How do you remove that?
    Using Sony Vegas Pro 13 btw

  • gufang

    universe membership? ;;

    • What?

      • Targino Junior

        Here also stopped working and asks you to be a member of the “universe”

  • Works on CC 2017?

  • Im having an issue where about half of the features work but random things, like the vhs effect overlay and a handful of others just don’t work when applied. They just black box the composition until taken back off, but other things are working fine.

    • Sorry, no idea. Please Google or contact Red Giant about your issue.

  • Lam Nguyen

    Thanks for sharing <3
    Finally there's something that works without god damn viruses .__.

  • Parth kavi

    its trial version
    it adds watermark.

    • It’s not a trial version. It’s a full version which has been tested and works with After Effects CC 2015 & Premiere Pro CC 2015.

      • gandalf

        thanks! great job!

        do you know if it works in CC 2015.3 ?

      • MindlessGonzo

        So no cracked version for Vegas PRo 14.

  • Parth kavi

    can you post it with serial key ?

  • Akian LionHeart

    Sorry but i’m from argentina so “Program files/…/…” is not on my C disk.
    How i can change the path of the instalation? i need it to be “C:/Archivos de programa/adobe/…”

    • Arjun

      Sorry u cant as i also have tried it its pre cracked to install in C: drive

  • Does this works with CS6?

  • disqus_TbEiQ1kult

    Does it work for Sony vegas?

  • WhoAmIKidding

    So far all of the Red Giant plugins have worked successfully for me with Adobe CC 2017 on Win 10. However, with the RG Universe, Red Giant Link still shows the product as trial and limits the options I have. Any advice?

  • Josep Cerverva

    Is a version trial, from is the serials?????

  • Jonatech Josha Lutalo

    hello since you dont recommend opening via red giant link , how do i add more presents to the universe ?

    • You may install preset by pasting the files in the preset folder for individual directory “C:Program FilesRed GiantRGFXPluginsUniverse_You_EffectResourcesPresets”

  • Guillem

    Any idea on where I could get a mac version of this DL?

    • Purchase it instead?

      • Guillem

        weird answer, you’re offering a lot a software/plugins for free on this website. So shut down your website and let everyone buy all those softwares, hu?

        • This website is for Windows users only. User who wants to learn different software. People who are rich enough to buy a Macintosh computers are cable of buying mac version of software of their own.

          • Cole Mowery

            And anybody who has a computer powerful enough to handle these plugins is rich enough to purchase the software themselves too. Or are you assuming that they are too poor to learn it because dropped it all on a computer, but Mac owners are just raking it in?

          • Are you talking to me, Cole Mowery?

  • Samu Díaz

    crack for after effects cc for Mac please?


  • Edvin Richardson

    This is just a trial, after 3 weeks it will ask you for a proper red giant membership

  • Edvin Richardson

    This is just a trial it will ask you for a valid red giant membership after 3 weeks

    • Edvin Richardson

      And btw, thanks for the malware 🙂 appreciate it

      • I have been using this since the software have been posted here. I think you’ve got some problem on your machine. Kindly check.

  • Spektrum Mou
  • Blazhik

    What password for .rar?

  • Great website for upcoming graphic design professionals.
    Waiting for an update of Red Giant Universe 2.1

  • balqis za hi my footage just turns black when i added the vhs plugin what happened

  • Kresho

    everytime when i open PRESETS my AE crash it down!?

  • Arjun

    does this work with AE CS6 (11.0) i believe cuz i downloaded one from mediafire from a YT video so i am asking would it ??

  • Dva Venera

    is it compatible for CC2014?

  • SShadow10 YT

    Update to 2.2, please.