reFX Nexus 2.2 VST Full Version



reFX Nexus 2 is a VST synthesizer Plugin for music overs all over the world.

reFX Nexus 2 is a ROM synthesizer-plugin for FL Studio which can bring the sound quality that can compete any other high quality hardware. reFX Nexus2 will let you access hundreds of sounds for your electronic music. It has a huge library of sounds that can be picked according to your needs. reFX Nexus2 is the one program that can be used when you don’t have enough time for programming. There are many improvements that have been made in Nexus like a new distortion effect, lock modes and an internal limiter. You can Download Native Instruments RISE and HIT which is another great music application.



Featured Tutorial:




After clicking on the above link, wait for 6 seconds and then click on the


button at the Right-Top of the browser window to reveal the download link

  • Linda Silay

    Which version of the nexus Are 2.2 or above.
    I’m sick of looking version of the Nexus2 higher than the 2.2 I did not find anything

  • Baron Brown

    File won’t unzip individually… You have to download all 17 and unzip together or is there a pass to unzip?

    • You have to download all setup parts and unzip together.

    • Erin Taylor

      This is a multi-part download which means that you have to download all the required files to unzip them.

  • simon

    does this work for OSX/MAC?

  • Sean Kurz

    I get very confused with the unzip process please help man

    • Make a folder, then put all downloaded rars to that folder and unrar only one of them. You’ll get the all the files unrared together.

  • Aniket b. patil

    i have downloaded all zip files but while unzipping them ….a window is popping up for downloading part03_2 inspite of having part03…..
    why it is happening so?

  • big fill

    i have downloaded all rars files and unzipped them but when i open the folder and try to install, the type of content appaer like this:Nexus 2.2.iso, disc image file. can you help me please

  • Martin.C


  • Martin.C

    I installed it and it opened perfect but the sound it isnt working

  • Andrés Salgado

    works on OS X?

  • Sören Lenzschau

    I installed it but when i use it in Fruity loops 12 it says me that he cannot find the folders.

    • Please tell me, how did you install Nexus?

      • Gianmaria Notaristefano

        same message.. i mount the disc image file with the function “virtual burner” of daemon tools, then i started the set up and selected as destination folder “image line/fl studio 12/plugins/fruity/generators” ..i copied the folder “nexus content” in the same folder of “nexus.dll” but when i try to add nexus in the fl studio 12 pattern it says “the Nexus plugin could not be found”..i think my fl is 64 bit and all others plugin are 32+64 while next to Nexus is written only 32..could this be the problem?

        • Nexus is a 32bit VST. As per your details, I am not sure what is the solution to your problem. You may look up on YouTube for the installation procedure.

  • girish

    when i run nexus setup it shows error ” runtime error (at -1:0):
    cannot import dll:c:/user/”myusername”/appdata/local/temp/is-03G5H.tmp/waterlib.dll.

    • No idea.

      • girish

        is this software for 32bit or 64 bit?

      • girish

        please get me the solution if u can. this soft means a lot for me.

    • Ryuzaki117

      i have a torrent(not is own of me),do you want this? (Sorry, i no talk very much english)

      • Yannis

        can i have this torrent? Please i want it

      • Soliman Kone

        Can I have your torrent??

  • Morpheus

    does this work with FL 12 and 64 bit win10?

  • darsh mewada

    nexus 2.2.exe file shows that “it is too big to fit to memory”
    please fix this problem


    THANKS ALL WORKED LIKE MAGIC, you are the best, get more plug ins bro

  • Aldi

    Why part 10 stuck on 1,100kb when i download that

    • Please make sure your computer is usable before downloading.

  • Fly Prince Ty

    Do you have a step by step video showing how to do this? that would be very helpful

  • DreadDig

    At first, sorry for my terrible English. In which program i can run Nexus 2.2(ISO) ?

  • søren larsen

    2.2 is very old from 2009-2010.
    There have been 2.5 and 2.6 and now 2.73 2016.

  • AM.B

    I have a strange format when I download the file. Is it normal to burning the file on CD-Rs ?

    • It’s not a strange format. It’s in ISO. Use Daemon Tools.

  • Ibabale Ndamase

    How do I open an ISO file

  • tito

    this says file is incomplete

  • Alex Mercado

    its says that i need to have the following volume to complete extraction that i need a part 02 what do i do?

  • Andy Dlc – –

    When I try to unzip the zip files it asks me what’s the password?

  • Sergio Henrique Martim

    C:UsersAfter-Effects Checksum error in Nexus 2.2.iso. The file is corrupt
    C:UsersAfter-Effects Unexpected end of archive
    C:UsersAfter-Effects Packed data checksum error in Nexus 2.2.iso. The volume is corrupt
    C:UsersAfter-Effects Unexpected end of archive
    C:UsersAfter-Effects Packed data checksum error in Nexus 2.2.iso. The volume is corrupt

  • Melkias Raubaba

    Can I get nuendo 7 full version from your website?

  • N90 music

    is this work???

  • AndrewDj Sonar

    Which banks are included?

  • AndrewDj Sonar

    XP EDM Voices Is present?

  • Arthur Dixon

    I downloaded all the files, unzipped them all, mounted ISO installed files. Copied Nexus Content Folder to program files 86/ plugins/vst/ and i still can get FL to see the plugins there, any help? or know what im doing wrong?

  • Have you read the “Read Me.txt”? It clearly gives you instructions. Please use DaemonTools to mount ISO.