VIDEO COPILOT Action Essentials 2 Atmospheres 2k

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VIDEO COPILOT Action Essentials 2 Atmospheres 2k

This version contains stock video elements “Atmospheres” from VIDEO COPILOT Action Essentials 2 pack.

Main Video Format: QuickTime RGB + Alpha, Video Codec: PNG

VIDEO COPILOT Action Essentials 2 Atmospheres 2k

2K Film Resolution: [ 2048 x 1152 ]
The massive 2K version offers the most freedom for compositors with over 2.5X more resolution in each element. Whether you are working with in HD or plan to in the future, this collection offers the versatility and resolution needs of tomorrow.

What is Action Essentials 2?

Action Essentials 2 is a collection of stock footage elements for compositing. Ideal for visual effects & motion graphics.

Pre-Keyed Stock Footage:
Built-In Alpha channels for faster compositing
No complicated Keying with these clips! Just place an element over your footage and the background has built-in transparency.• Saves time while compositing
• More freedom to experiment
Better Motion Graphics!
Action Essentials offer the unique ability to bring real life phenomena into your motion design work. Create unexpected visuals such as liquid-fire, and impress your viewers with exciting designs. With over 500 elements, you have the freedom to be creative!

Use Action Elements for:
• Promo Videos
• Trailers
• DVD Menus




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  • Flashbang

    You are the best. I have no words, seriously. Congratulations on your upload, keep up the good work! I suppose you’ll be uploading more of this package as the donations go up, am I wrong?

    • We haven’t got any donation yet. But we are hoping for donations. Basically we can’t upload that much of data because of the bandwidth costs. That’s why we are asking for donations so that we can help our visitors.

  • Enrico Tara

    can I use this on after effect ?

    • Of course you can. It is stock footage.

      • Enrico Tara

        oke nice thank you very much

  • Chinki Pandey

    can i uploade video on youtube using this stock footage without any issue..?

    • You can upload but you gotta give credit to Video Copilot and our website.

  • Trey Nivens

    I downloaded all 13 but they all contain the same elements? Is there a trick to open these? Between the 13 I have only seen atmosphere 1-7

    • Please read FAQ

      • Trey Nivens

        My mistake. I was thinking I was downloading the full action essentials and not just the atmospheres 1-7.

  • umair ahmed

    i have got only 1-7 atmospheres
    plzzz help!!!

  • Rahul Parihar

    better find an other upload method instead of dividing it into parts its frustating

  • Rahul Parihar

    use google drive or dropbox instead

  • Almusaine Tuana

    why do you need? to break this into a parts
    instead of one only? this will make my time useless

    • If you want to save your time then we’d request you to buy original.

      • Snake

        Top answer.

      • Botshelo Phoenix

        We appreciate the site . . . .some of us we are from developing countries whereby internet connections are weak. And internet rate are expensive

    • Chan Myae Aung

      Prats are good for us.cuz sometime connection bad in some country

  • श्री महंत सत्यम गिरि

    zip file says broken or curpt always

  • Hitesh Arora

    First of all I would thanks download.pirate for providing these videocopilot ae project files for free. and i would possibly donate if i got satisfaction with the answers to my questions ..
    So first I want to know — The difference between buying the original and downloading them from this site.
    Second— If I use these effects in my youtube videos then will i have to meet with any copyright issues from videoco pilot.
    And the last but not the least — How many types of action essentials are there ??? (for example charges, atmosphere , blood) .
    I would be grateful if I get the answers to all my questions

    • 1. Using Pirated version has a risk of getting affected by virus (however it is not true in some cases such as serial keys etc.). Because you cannot have anything for free. Using Original supports the developer of the product. You also get additional extensions such as updates, security, customer support etc.

      2. We can’t say about the copyright thing. You need a licence/permission from Video Copilot to use their footage or sound to use it fairly.

      3. As of now Action Essential includes 19 different stock footage including texture for compositing.

      We hope these answer your questions.
      Thank you.

      • Hitesh Arora

        thank u very much .

        i think i will have to gather a lot of info on the use of video copilot footage for my youtube videos

        • If our website helps you in somehow then please feel free to donate.

          • Hitesh Arora

            I will definitely donate when I would earn some revenue from my youtube channel . thanks a lot. now all I have to do is to watch a bunch of tutorials to get started with ae. heyhey by the way where can i get the sound fx of these action essential footages.

  • Hitesh Arora

    I have seen LOGAN PAUL using the video copilot footages Especially the bomb footage in his videos intro . I thought i could also make it. But I think if I use these footages in my youtube videos and if the videocopilot ever caught them they are gonna bust me up.

  • trevor

    hey dude you can tell me where i install the file