Lazy Nezumi Pro Patch Crack Full Version

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Lazy Nezumi Pro Patch Crack Full Version

Take control of your lines!

Lazy Nezumi Pro is a Windows app that helps you draw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet.

It adds stabilizers, rulers, and scripting to your favorite art programs, including PhotoshopIllustratorFlash, and many others.

Why do I need it?

  • Clean line-art taking forever?
  • Forced to make fast strokes to avoid seeing any jitters?
  • Pressing really hard to use the full pressure range of your tablet?
  • Uneven pressure in your strokes?
  • Art software leaving ugly artifacts at the end of your lines?
  • Hand shaking when you draw?
  • Trouble with perspective drawing?
  • App cursor getting in the way when drawing details?
  • Switching software in the middle of your work because your main art program doesn’t support input smoothing?

If any of this sounds familiar, you will love Lazy Nezumi Pro!


Used By The Pros

Lazy Nezumi Pro is used by thousands of talented artists and designers all over the world. No matter the industry, from entertainment and gaming to fashion or brand design, it helps them save time and frustration so they can focus on their creativity!

Position Smoothing

Lazy Nezumi Pro offers 3 different position smoothing modes, for which you can easily control the amount.

  1. Pulled String: great for slow, detailed work with sharp corners.
  2. Moving Average: great for more dynamic work, with curved lines and soft corners.
  3. Exponential Moving Average: capable of massive amounts of smoothing, great for long curves.

Catch Up is an option available for MA and EMA modes. When this is enabled, your line will automatically catch up to your pen’s position when you stop or lift it.

Pressure Processing

Lazy Nezumi Pro offers 4 different pressure processing modes to help you tame your line dynamics.

  1. Fixed Value: for constant pressure lines.
  2. Sample & Hold: locks the pressure for the rest of the line, after a few samples.
  3. Moving Average: for subtle to moderate amounts of responsive smoothing.
  4. Exponential Moving Average: for subtle to massive amounts of smoothing.

Combine Position and Pressure Smoothing for perfectly tapered lines! Say goodbye to shoelace line endings!

Pressure Curve

Lazy Nezumi Pro allows you to easily modify your tablet’s pressure response curve. You can now reach the maximum pressure value without crushing your expensive tablet and pen nibs!

And if you feel like experimenting, you can even invert the curve, so that pressing harder will give you a thinner line.


This powerful feature allows you to alter the shape of your lines while you draw (including pressure and rotation parameters), in almost any way imaginable!

Choose from one of the many pre-defined modes, or define your own custom programs using a simple scripting language!


Lazy Nezumi Pro offers a set of pressure sensitive rulers

Smart Settings

Lazy Nezumi Pro has many other useful features and settings that will make your life easier.

  • Tilt and Rotation Smoothing: for cleaning up your brush-tip effects if you have an Art Pen.
  • Customizable Shortcuts: global keyboard shortcuts for most settings.
  • Custom Cursor: use a custom cursor in your art app, or hide it (while drawing or completely).
  • Stay On Top: keeps the window visible when not active, so you don’t have to hunt it down all the time.

that will help you with technical drawing!

With these rulers, you can have your lines automatically snap to ellipsesradial linesbezier curves, or even linear, isometric, and fisheye perspective systems!

Overlay guide lines and control points will help you optimize your workflow while remaining accurate.


The Scripting engine can even draw by itself! Using simple rules and instructions, you can easily define complex shapes and fractals thanks to the L-System functions.

Combined with your host application’s brush settings, this creates an incredibly versatile design tool!

Pressure Speed Scaling

Have you ever wanted to control the thickness or opacity of your line with the speed of your pen? Well now you can!

This feature lets you define how much pressure gain should be applied based on how fast you are drawing. This can add a lot of character to your lines, and is also great for calligraphy!


We haven’t tested it. Please test it and tell us the results in the comments.

Lazy Nezumi Pro Patch Crack Full Version


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