School of Motion – Explainer Camp Free Download

School of Motion – Explainer Camp Free Download

This project-based course throws you into the deep-end, giving you the training and tools to create a fully-realized piece from bid to final render.

Tackle a Job from Start to Finish

Being a fully independent Motion Designer has a lot of challenges. You need to know how to handle EVERY part of the process, from creating bids and schedules, all the way through handling the creative execution. If being your own boss sounds appealing to you and you’re ready for the challenge of creating your own visual masterpiece, look no further than this course. By the end of Explainer Camp you’ll have all of the skills necessary to tackle a project from start to finish.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Course
  • Developing Good Taste
  • Thinking Visually
  • Creating a Bid
  • Scheduling Time for a Project
  • Creating a Solid Concept
  • Storyboarding and Sketching
  • Recording Scratch VO
  • Cutting an Animatic
  • Dissecting Client Briefs
  • Why Previs and Bids are Important
  • Creating Style Frames
  • Presenting to a Client
  • Dealing with Client Changes
  • Workflow Tips for Complex Projects
  • Animating from Story Boards
  • Using MoGraph for Good
  • The Art of Script Writing
  • Navigating Client Comments During Animation
  • Presenting Your Work to a Client
  • Directing VO Talent
  • Adding Polish to your Project
  • Doing Sound Design
  • Presenting your Final Piece
  • Extended Critique Period

School of Motion – Explainer Camp Free Download

Only Week 1 is available for now. We will bring more.

Week 1


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