Flat Pack FX – Animation Master Course Free Download

By | September 12, 2023

Flat Pack FX - Animation Master CourseFlat Pack FX – Animation Master Course Free Download

What if you had the confidence to be able to make AMAZING Animations, in just 30 days?

Follow my step by step system that I use to teach students eye-catching Animations, even if you are a complete beginner and have never used After Effects before.

Animations can be simple and easy to make

How cool would it be if I could open up After Effects and start creating Animations that looked visually great and my clients loved – all without having to watch endless hours of YouTube tutorials!

Well that was the dream when I started out… but after 10+ years creating 100’s of animations and building a 100k+ YouTube Channel, it’s taught me that:

  • That any animation can be broken down into individual elements.
  • The technical steps to creating animations can be learnt by any creative.
  • I didn’t have to be some After Effects Guru to be able to make animations.

So after refining my process I complied everything into a step by step process called Animation Master. This has now been used by 100’s of students and has given them the confidence and experience to create awesome animations.

What You Will Learn

Here’s everything you will learn over the 50+ Animations

Module 1 – After Effects

15 Videos

  • You gain the confidence to use After Effects – even if your a complete beginner
  • Overcome the mental barriers that keep most animators from success
  • The need to know After Effects techniques for creating awesome animations – broken into 15 videos
  • A simple 4 step strategy for being able to make any animation
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Module 2 – Text & Backgrounds

5 Videos & 20 Animations

  • How to create some of the most commonly seen line and background animations
  • My proven methods for creating simple animations with high impact
  • Step by step plan for creating animated backgrounds you would see online
  • Videos: 4 Line animations, 5 Simple lower thirds, 4 Clean text animations, 3 Textured BG’s, 3 Animated BG’s & All Graphics included

Module 3 – Graphic Animations

5 Videos & 9 Animations

  • You gain the confidence to use 3D cameras for dynamic effect
  • Principles for creating animations that stand out
  • How to bring to life 2D graphics and images
  • Gain the knowledge to use effects that make your animations look realistic
  • Videos: 3D Camera movements, Archival Slideshow, Flat Graphics, Ink Effects, 2D Graphic Animations, All Graphics included
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Module 4 – Graphs & Maps

9 Videos & 15 Animations

  • How to create some of the most iconic map animations
  • Step by step process, that allows you to create maps with impact
  • The what and why for creating graphs that excite
  • Learn to push yourself creatively when working on your own projects
  • Animations: 2 Bar, 2 Circular, Dot, 3 Line and Area Graphs. 2 Dark, 3D, 3D Markers, War and Conflict Maps. All Graphics included

Module 5 – Animations

6 Videos & 7 Animations

  • Learn the step by step process I use for paying clients
  • Learn techniques that allow you to mimic work you see online
  • Real techniques for After Effects that can be used to breakdown animations
  • How to be efficient and productive in the program whilst learning these 7 unique animations
  • Animations: Paper Graphics, 2 Timelines, Isometric, Documentary Style, Bright Energy. All Graphics included

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