True Grit Texture Supply – Vector Savior for Illustrator Free Download

By | August 29, 2021

True Grit Texture Supply – The Rusty Nib for Photoshop Free Download

Vector Savior

Vector Halftone Swatches

Have your past experiments with vector halftones resulted in feelings of emptiness and guilt? Does the thought of adding authentic distressed halftones to your vector work fill you with the unholiest of desires? Suffer no more child! Redemption is here!

Vector Savior absolves you of past vector sins allowing you to add the purest of vector halftones, lines and textures to your illustrator artwork in moments.

Each seamless pattern is crafted from real world paper textures. Fill any shape with your chosen texture or use the blob brush to apply halftones with painterly strokes. Never before has getting dirty felt so pure!


Here’s what you get:

  • 1 x Illustrator swatch library containing:
  • 9 ¬†x Distressed Halftone Dot Patterns, with¬†3 different size presets in black and white
  • 12 x Distressed Halftone Line Patterns in vertical, horizontal and diagonal angles with 3 different size presets in black and white.
  • 6 x Distressed Texture Patterns, each in 3 different size presets in black and white.
  • 1 x master file containing a sample of each swatch.
  • 1 x action set for expanding patterns to vector objects.
  • 1 x¬†installation guide.
  • 1 x user guide and tutorial.


Key Features:

  • Variety of¬†halftone textures, pre-scaled and ready to use.
  • Large, high resolution repeat¬†patterns with no obvious seams
  • Clearly organized and named swatches for fast selection.
  • Detailed instructions and tutorials for installing, using and editing your swatches.
  • Install into Illustrator as a complete swatch library or copy-and paste from the .ai¬†masterfile.

True Grit Texture Supply – The Rusty Nib for Photoshop Free Download

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