Chaos Corona 12 for 3Ds Max 2016-2025 Win Full Version Free Download

By | July 5, 2024

Corona 12

Chaos Corona 12 for 3DS MAX 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Win Full Version Free Download

Corona 12 is out now, a release that not only adds powerful new features to Corona itself, it also adds much more to your subscription!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Corona Renderer 12 for 3ds Max! With Clearcoat and Sheen in the new Physical Material, easy and fast aerial perspective in the Corona Sky, faster rendering, and many more updates, this release will give you better results, all while making your 3D work easier and speedier!


  • New Physical Material – Greater realism without any extra work from you, and greater compatibility with other software and worklows with mapped Metalness, a choice of Roughness or Glossiness mode, and more
  • Corona PRG Clear Sky Model is the new name for the “Improved” model, and now includes Volume Effect (aerial perspective), Turbidity, Altitude, and Horizon Blur controls
  • Faster! Rendering is faster thanks to calculating passes in blocks (invisibly, in most cases), optimized opacity/absorption with multiple hits, faster denoising, and a general speed up that even affects empty scenes!
  • Faster!! There’s also faster opening of scenes thanks to loading textures and proxies in the background, which means you can start working with your scene even before all assets are fully loaded
  • …and much more, see below for all the new features, improvements, and updates.


  • Corona Pattern – Tile geometry across a surface as easily as you’d tile a texture.
  • Procedural Clouds – Add detail to your Corona Sky, with animatable procedural clouds and airplane trails. You may never need an HDRI again.
  • Edge Trimming in Chaos Scatter – a much requested feature, implemented in this update to Scatter.
  • Chaos Scans – The ultimate in realism for your materials, these have been cleverly scanned so that each material responds in its own unique way to lighting. Leathers, fabrics, even foils, can now be added to your scene, guaranteed to match the real world in both look and in scale. Included in your Premium subscription.
  • Chaos Player – An easy way to turn your image sequences into a video format. Now you won’t have to use a complex video editor that is overkill for your everyday needs. Included in the Premium subscription.
  • Chaos Phoenix – Corona has supported Phoenix for some years, but only a few users had it added to their toolset due to the significant extra cost. Now the perfect tool for making fire, smoke, water, and more is included in your Premium subscription.
  • Lots of smaller improvements – Depth of Field from the fisheye camera, new Material Override settings to preserve slicers, out-of-core texture rendering to save some memory at render time, and more.

Chaos Corona 12 for 3DS MAX 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Win Full Version Free Download

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