AEScripts Cloners + Effectors v1.2.6 for After Effects Full Version Free Download

By | October 15, 2021

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AEScripts Cloners + Effectors 1.2.6 for After Effects for Windows & Macintosh Full Version Free Download

Cloners + Effectors is a procedural animation system for After Effects. Especially useful when animating multiple layers at the same time. It allows you to animate using effectors instead of key framing every layer.

Procedural animation system for After Effects

Creating complex animations with a lot of layers and keyframes, has always been a difficult and time consuming task.
With Cloners+Effectors you can animate multiple layers at the same time using a large set of effectors and falloffs. This workflow is well known from many 3D applications, and allows you to create those complex animations in a few minutes. While still remaining fully customisable.

New Features in v1.2

  • Path cloner*
  • Path Point cloner*
  • Path effector*
  • Path Ends effector*
  • *Only available in AE 2018 and above
  • Change: Offset Variation is no longer linked to Offset
  • Change: Cloner layers can be parented
  • Change: Trial limit of only 20 clones have been removed


Quickly set up cloned layers in a Linear, Radial or Grid pattern. These patterns can all be controlled parametrically to create the exact result you are looking for. You can also use the cluster cloner and leave all the clones as your original layers, making it easy to animate Text and Illustrations.


Add one of the seven powerfull effectors to animate your clones. Easily control basic properties like position scale and color. Or add any numeric or color parameter on your cloned layer with a single click. You can even control properties from any filters which have been added.
Use the Random or Step effector to create even more complex patterns. Use effectors like Pulse or Noise to create animation with out putting down a single keyframe. Combine multiple effectors for ultimate control.


Add falloffs to any effector and drag it across your clones to animate them. This workflow allows you to create advanced animation in just a few keyframes. You get a great idea of what your animation will look like even before you put down the first keyframe, and the animations will be easy to edit and adjust.


Cloners+Effectors also makes it easy to create complex text animations. Giving you unprecedented control over your text animations.


Animate illustrations or vector logos faster than ever before. Quickly add transitions to entire illustrations with a single effector.

2D and 3D

Clone and animate both 2D and 3D layers. And control those 3D layers in After Effects’ 3D space.

AEScripts Cloners + Effectors 1.2.6 for After Effects for Windows & Macintosh Full Version Free Download

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