AEScripts MotionMonkey 1.0 for After Effects

By | February 5, 2018

AEScripts MotionMonkey 1.0 Full Version for After Effects

Motion Monkey is a script from AEScript for After Effects

A whole new way to animate!

A powerful and intuitive new way to add motion to your design. An endless array of animations are just a few clicks away.

Key features

    • Creates a wide range of animations of your layered design based on parameters entered into the control panel.
    • Random or custom settings create animated variations from mild to wild.
    • Works with most layers including text, stills, video, pre-comps, solids, shapes, .ai, .psd, nulls and parented layers.
    • Motion Mixer option adds additional variation and complexity to animations.
    • Multiple interpolations, speeds and intensities allow for a wide range of moods, from subtle to energetic.
    • Kuler color palettes are easily imported.



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