AEScripts Volume n Tricks v1.5.1 for After Effects Full Version Free Download

By | January 22, 2024

Volume n Tricks

AEScripts Volume n Tricks v1.5.1 for After Effects Full Version Free Download

Volume n’ Tricks – the Best Tool for Isometric Design. Create outstanding isometric volumes and rotations in 1 click. Use our faux camera, which adds even more control to your designs.  Elevate your 2D art literally. TRIAL with all features

Design from new perspectives: add immediate volume to your 2D art without 3D layers or camera setup.



Volume n’ Tricks is a unique and handy toolkit to turn layers in isometric volume:


Volume n’ Tricks emerges as a groundbreaking script for Adobe After Effects, revolutionizing how designers approach isometric projections and volume creation.
This tool transcends the typical constraints of 2D design, offering a versatile kit for producing diverse isometric artworks, complete with eight distinct skew options for a tilted or biased perspective.

A key highlight of Volume n’ Tricks is its Volume FX feature. This innovative function enables designers to achieve impressive extrusion effects: a leap forward in design capabilities, enabling ideas to be realized in ways previously unimagined.

Volume n’ Tricks goes beyond mere isometric projection. It empowers users with extensive control over their designs, allowing for intricate manipulations like rotation, pivoting, and axis shifting. The script introduces the unique WORLD CONTROLLER, a feature that expands creative possibilities and operational ease.

Importantly, Volume n’ Tricks is designed for collaborative flexibility. The script generates results using native After Effects assets, meaning colleagues and peers can engage with the files seamlessly,  even without the script. This inclusive approach ensures that designs created with Volume n’ Tricks are easily accessible and modifiable across different users, fostering a collaborative environment.

As a practical note for users, the tool advises adding a stroke of any chosen color to single-color shapes. This ensures the sides remain visible and distinct, maintaining the visual integrity of the design.

Overall, Volume n’ Tricks stands out as not just a tool but a catalyst for creativity and innovation in the realm of digital design, offering an array of features that transform flat designs into dynamic, three-dimensional masterpieces.

Important videos and tutorials:



Switch to an isometric mode in a few clicks!


Short Example

Short Example
You can mix your already-made isometric scene with new objects created with Volume n’Tricks.
You can also select multiple layers and apply Volume n’ Tricks simultaneously, precompose and crop your layers on the fly!
Volume/Extrusion is available for shape and text layers, vector files (illustrator .ai), and .eps, making it a versatile tool for any designer. Take this opportunity to take your designs to the next level with Volume n’ Tricks.
And by the way: your colleagues or friends don’t need Volume n’ Tricks to open or modify your files

AEScripts Volume n Tricks v1.5.1 for After Effects Full Version Free Download

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