Astute Graphics Plugins Elite Bundle (August) for Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 Full Version Free Download

By | August 9, 2021


Astute Graphics Elite Bundle Plugin (Updated on August) for Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 for Windows Full Version Free Download

Overview of Astute Graphics Plug-ins Elite Bundle 2

Makers of award winning, time saving and creative tools such as Phantasm, VectorScribe, WidthScribe and many more. Get the complete set of plug-ins and transform your workflow in Illustrator.

Features of Astute Graphics Plug-ins Elite Bundle 2

  • Precise alignment + selection
  • Intuitive vector sketching
  • Instantly locate + modify objects
  • Drawing + lettering in one tool
  • Pre-press controls and checks
  • Precise path creation
  • Instant color control + halftone
  • Image crop + editing
  • Live stipple effect
  • Live effects made easy
  • Create accurate artwork
  • Textures + opacity brush
  • Clean up vector documents
  • Editing, shapes, corners + measure
  • Variable stroke width effects

Space Fill

Fill single or multiple shapes with selected objects, packing the items for a great result. The live features include uniformity, size rotation, multiplication and release/expand.

Reshape Segments

Want to make straight lines into curves? We’ve introduced Ghost Handles — handles that appear when you draw a straight line. With just one drag of the mouse, ghost handles transform into bézier handles, changing the line into a curve. Or simply click and drag a path to reshape.

Path Extend Tool

Imagine your artwork suggesting to YOU where to go — like the paths are growing and extending themselves! This tool can be used both creatively in a natural, fluid style or more technically.

For added precision, extend OR trim to exact lengths, ideal for fashion designers, technical illustrators…

Repeat Sketch Mode

Sketch repeatedly like you would with a pencil to get your required result – DynamicSketch will ‘average out’ your strokes until you like what you see. Customise your workflow and choose to see all of the traces or just the final result.

Snap to Collisions Tool

Align objects and shapes precisely or place shapes at a certain distance from each other, like mosaic tiles, in no time at all.

Astute Graphics Plugins Elite Bundle include (might vary)

AstuteBuddy v1.4.0
Autosaviour v2.6.0
ColliderScribe v3.7.0
DirectPrefs v1.5.0
DynamicSketch v3.6.0
FindReplace v1.6.0
InkFlow vv2.2.1
InkQuest v2.5.0
InkScribe v2.6.0
MirrorMe v3.4.0
Phantasm v5.5.0
Rasterino v2.6.0
Reform v1.1.0
Stipplism v2.5.0
Stylism v3.3.0
SubScribe v3.6.0
Texturino v2.6.0
VectorFirstAid v3.8.0
VectorScribe v4.7.0
WidthScribe v3.6.0

Astute Graphics Elite Bundle Plugin (Updated on August) for Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 for Windows Full Version Free Download

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