Atrise Golden Section 5.8.1 Full Version

Atrise Golden Section 5.8.1 Full Version

Golden Ratio Ruler and Grid Software to Design Everything

This program is a unique design tool for artists, designers, programmers, photographers. It allows you to design using the golden section proportion visually over your preferred design software.

Artists, architects and sculptors have been searching for the secrets of beauty throughout the centuries. To many of them it was given subconsciously, with talent. Others used previously obtained secrets.

We happy to offer you this software, which makes it possible to use one of the most effectiveand finest secrets of harmony and perfection—the golden section!

Use with Any Design Software
This program is not a plugin. It works with almost all design software, including, of course, Adobe Photoshop®.

Design Software Compatible with Adobe Photoshop
Different Ruler Modes
You can see golden ratio grids, spirals, circles. Custom ratios is possible.

Leonardo Golden Section
Simple Golden Figure
Harmonious Grid Scales
Find harmonious dimensions and forms with it. You can design beautiful digital artwork or real things.

Golden Section for Bee
Golden Ratio in Photography
Use this program to find harmonious points and to best crop your photos. It supports third rule, symmetry, attention points.

Photo Cropping
Better Software GUI Dev
Many developers use this program to create beautiful dialogs and forms.

Golden Section in Software
Features for Stocks Analysis
Golden ratio is usable everywhere, even for a stock quotes and market analysis!

Atrise Golden Section 5.8.1 Full Version