Class101 – Finding Your Appeal Characters, Props, and Backgrounds By Choo Free Download

By | October 6, 2021

finding your appeal characters props and backgrounds digital drawing choo

Class101 – Finding Your Appeal Characters, Props, and Backgrounds By Choo Free Download

Finding Your Appeal: Characters, Props, and Backgrounds
with Artist, Choo


This class is about how to observe subjects that appeal to you and how to translate it into your art to increase visual interest, as well as teaching you how to make smart detail/simplification decisions when working on illustrations to find your personal style and signature.


This class is for anyone who are uncertain about their artistic direction or for those of you who want to take your art to the next level by practicing the observation, simplification, and stylisation of characters, props, and backgrounds that compose a polished scene. If you are trying to establish an art style that is uniquely and naturally yours, this class is fit for you.


By the end of this class, you will have a greater understanding of observation and stylisation, as well as honing your own unique style and abilities. You will be able to distinguish and solidify your personal artistic voice. You will have the skills necessary to execute your ideas in more interesting and visually appealing ways.


Step 1: Students will be more confident in their own voice and vision after this class, or at the very least more confident in the direction they want to take their personal artwork in

Meet Your Instructor: Choo!
Introduction to the course

Chapter 1: Collect what inspires you to broaden your visual library
Gathering inspiration (from others and your surroundings)
Pinpoint your favourite visuals and what your eye is drawn to
Exercising your drawing muscles with and without reference
Practicing what you’ve learned from observation and adding to your visual library

Chapter 2: Explore your style
The basics of your style
Dissecting your inspiration and bringing what you learn to your work
Symbol drawing, shorthand, and drawing from observation
Finding your personal focus

Chapter 3: Add personality to objects
Storytelling through object design (overview)
Simple object (cardboard boxes)
More complex object (toys, food)
Collecting some objects and composing an interesting still life

Chapter 4: Add personality to backgrounds
Storytelling through background (The keys to a lived-in space)
How to compose appealing backgrounds
Object placement and keeping things relative

Chapter 5: Design characters to match into backgrounds
Simple vs complex character design, and when to use which
How to make characters feel like they fit in

Chapter 6: Develop a color palette
Colour theory basics, how to apply or ignore them
Building mood using colour

Chapter 7: Bring it all together
Thumbnails and composing a drawing
Researching, mood board, and gathering references
Put it all together!

Chapter 8: Put finishing touches
Continuing to build on your style in the future, and growing confidence!

Congratulations on Completing the Course!
Meet Your Creator

Hi there!

My name is Choo and I am a comic artist and freelance illustrator. My main focus is environmental storytelling and character design, often influenced by horror movies and 80s-90s aesthetics as well as product illustration.

Choo will use Clip Studio throughout the course but, any programs like Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, MediBang Paint, PaintTool Sai, or whatever you prefer! However, you will need to have basic understanding of the program you have to follow the course.

People who are uncertain about their artistic direction
People who want to take their art to the next level
People who want to expand their visual library
People who want to improve their drawings with the finishing touches.

Class101 – Finding Your Appeal Characters, Props, and Backgrounds By Choo Free Download

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