Class101 – Sketching Animals and Creatures with Pen and Ink by Sorie Kim Free Download

By | September 18, 2021

Class101 Sketching Animals and Creatures with Pen and Ink by Sorie Kim

Class101 – Sketching Animals and Creatures with Pen and Ink by Sorie Kim Free Download

Pen and Ink Drawing for Creatures

Learn Ink Drawing for Animals and Creatures with
Artist, Sorie Kim


This course will take you through the process of learning how to sketch creatures both real and imaginary. Instead of learning how to simply replicate a drawing or photo, this class will teach you how to utilize reference and break down complex subject matter into basic forms. We will also cover skeletal structure, rendering textures, and capturing movement/poses to bring your sketches to life. We’ll be exploring a variety of exercises to design creatures, using real animals as a foundation to maintain believability.


I will also be going over how I use pen and ink, basic sketching principles, and rendering techniques to create dynamic illustrations. In this class, I will be working directly with ink in order to build line confidence and practice line economy. It can be intimidating to go directly to ink without a pencil sketch underneath, but this method will train you to be more intentional with your lines.


Through this course, you will learn how to break down animals into simple forms, giving you freedom to draw subjects from multiple perspectives. The class missions will help you bridge the gap between drawing from observation to imagination.


You will also learn how to start drawing directly with ink, to render your sketches, and to compose layouts for presentation. The course is project based, and will take you through the steps to design your very own creature!


Step 1: How to Draw Straight with Ink



  1. Meet Your Instructor: Sorie Kim
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to Ink & Pen Drawing

Chapter 1: Learning the Basics of Sketching with Ink

  1. Materials
  2. Line confidence and control
  3. How to draw directly with ink

Chapter 2: Breaking Down Complex Subjects Into Basic Forms

  1. How to construct basic forms
  2. Modifying and combining basic forms
  3. Breaking down animals into basic forms

Chapter 3: Rendering with Pen and Ink

  1. Mark making and hatching
  2. Lighting and Value
  3. Applying texture and value to forms

Chapter 4: Studying Animal Anatomy

  1. Skeletal form
  2. Musculature
  3. How to utilize anatomical knowledge to sketch animals

Chapter 5: Practicing Animal Sketching

  1. Fish
  2. Marine invertebrates
  3. Birds
  4. Reptiles
  5. Hoofed animals
  6. Felines
  7. Rodents
  8. Insects

Chapter 6: Drawing from Imagination

  1. Building your visual library
  2. Posing and movement in animals
  3. How to practice drawing from imagination

Chapter 7: Learning How to Design Your Own Creatures

  1. Research and conceptualize
  2. Thumbnails and silhouettes
  3. Proportions and development
  4. Applying real anatomy into imaginary creatures
  5. Movement
  6. Rendering and finalizing your illustration

Bonus Chapter: : How I find My Own Art Style

  1. Notes on stylization
  2. Designing from observation


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor




My name is Sorie Kim, and I am an illustrator and instructor based in LA. I currently teach Foundation Sketching at Brainstorm School, and I have taught Animal and Human Anatomy workshops for Dreamworks Animation. I also have been working as an independent artist for the past several years. I’ve had the honor to show my work with Giant Robot, WOWxWOW, and Gallery Nucleus, and work with brands such as Tiktok and Pentel. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love full time, and hope to continue learning for the rest of my life.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

Ever since I was a kid, my goal in life has simply been to draw as much as possible. I’ve always had a fascination with the natural world, and most of my personal work stems from it. Animals in particular are my hands down favorite subject matter to study, and I’m incredibly excited to share everything I’ve learned so far!

  1. PENTEL Color Brush Pen Black
  2. Faber Castell Pitt artist pens Black
  3. Copic Marker (C3)
  4. Strathmore Drawing 400 Series Toned Pad 9″x12″ (Tan or Gray)
  5. Uniball signo white gel pen
  • People who love to create and draw with pen & ink
  • People who want a depth of expression through creature and animal drawing
  • People who want to design and draw their own creatures
  • People who want to improve and take their drawings to the next level!


Class101 – Sketching Animals and Creatures with Pen and Ink by Sorie Kim Free Download

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