FilmLight Daylight v5.2.12694 LINUX Full Version Free Download

FilmLight Daylight v5.2.12694 LINUX Full Version Free Download

Daylight v5

A powerful dailies platform for shot management and high-performance transcoding.

Daylight is designed as a compact yet powerful grading decision tool to help DoPs and directors establish looks and visualise what they have shot, on set or on location, as well as meeting all of the sophisticated deliverables requirements—in one application.

Full Baselight creativity

Grades can of course be limited to CDL values or exported as 3D LUTs for standard cross-platform workflows, but you don’t need to be constrained by the lowest common denominator. All shots can have full sophisticated Baselight looks—authored and applied using the same compact grading interface familiar to users of Baselight Editions for Avid and NUKE.

And now, the innovative Baselight v5 colour tools have been extended across the entire FilmLight product range. This means you can access the Base Grade—a new primary grading operator for modern colour workflows and HDR—as well as tools that blur the line between traditional colour correction and VFX such as paint, perspective tracking, warping, depth keying, relighting and many others.

Deploy with ease

Daylight is available for purchase or quarterly rental, and the freelance licence option allows the licence to be moved from machine to machine using a simple, web-based authentication scheme.

The software will run on any Mac system equipped with OSX 10.10 or above. Using the same philosophy as Baselight Editions, Daylight uses whatever graphics card is installed without the need for special, CUDA-capable variants.

Alternatively, as your throughput requirements increase you can upgrade to the Linux version of Daylight, to a FLUX Store system, or even both.

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FilmLight Daylight v5.2.12694 LINUX Full Version Free Download

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