Flux Academy – The Webflow Masterclass Free Download

By | January 21, 2021

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Flux Academy – The Webflow Masterclass Free Download

Build Pixel-Perfect, High-Value Websites In A Matter Of Hours Without Coding.

You’re ready to take your web design business to the next level.
But you can’t help but wonder… How?
You hear about web designers who charge big bucks for their work, but you struggle to get clients to appreciate the value you bring.

You longingly scroll through awwwards, but can’t help but feel like that kind of cool website is just out of your league.

And honestly? You feel your passion for web design wearing off as you build the same limited websites over and over again. Another day, another template.

You’re tired of compromising with your designs to make them work with templates and drag-and-drop builders. And you’re tired of having clients wondering why they should invest in working with you instead of getting a $50 template from Theme Forest.

But what’s the alternative?

You love designing websites, but the development stuff gets you twitchy.

You hate tinkering with code to get the most basic stuff implemented. And you feel big-time overwhelmed when you find yourself knee-deep into coding, server-side stuff, and DNS tutorials.

Yes, you could just hire a developer. But you’ve heard your fair share of horror stories about working with one. Butchered designs, slow deliveries, expensive rates…

Hm… No, thank you.

Meet Webflow
The year was 2013. And while – yet again – struggling through QA hell with a developer I was collaborating with, I stumbled upon Webflow.

The promise was intriguing…

“A visual way to build the web”
“Build better websites faster. Without coding.”

After trying every single website builder out there, I was skeptical. But looking at how my designs were coming to life after a whole week of QA hell with a developer, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

And guess what? An hour later, I had built the damn thing on my own, exactly as I had envisioned.

Develop pixel-perfect, custom websites from scratch – and in a matter of hours, all by yourself

Stop wasting time navigation QA hell with developers, or scrambling with techy things yourself

Have unlimited creative freedom, without worrying about the limitations of a template

Lead the development process like a total pro, and impress your clients

Know how to price Webflow websites and write the perfect Webflow website proposal

Implement wow-worthy animations and interactions that blow your clients away

Become a premium web designer by delivering premium designs and premium implementation

When you join The Webflow Masterclass, you’ll get:

9 modules (and over 12 hours of video content) covering everything you need to know to create out-of-this-world websites for your clients using Webflow.

Advanced case studies, showing you behind-the-scenes of the development of real-life client websites using Webflow.

Exercises and challenges so you’re not a Webflow pro just in theory, but in practice as well.

Your first portfolio piece. At the end of the course, you’ll have developed a one-page website and received personalized feedback on it from the Flux Academy team.

Access to the Webflow Masterclass private community, where you’ll receive direct help from the Flux Academy team and connect with others for referrals and critiques.

Flux Academy – The Webflow Masterclass Free Download



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