K-Cycles 3.30 Stable Renderer for Blender Free Download

By | October 8, 2022


K-Cycles 3.30 Stable Renderer for Blender Free Download

What is K-Cycles?

K-Cycles is a highly optimized custom build of Cycles-X render engine, ultra lighting, post FX, ultra denoiser and realtime viewport lighting and effects for Blender. It is fully compatible with Cycles and designed for Nvidia GPUs. Features include:


  • Ultimate rendering performance for viewport and final renders.
  • Amazing Ultra Lighting the most powerful and complete lighting features for Cycles.
  • New Ultra Denoiser with the latest Intel denoiser technology and multi pass for clean and super sharp images.
  • Ultra Denoiser works inside Blender without needing the compositor and has great performance avoiding complicated compositor nodes.
  • Animation Denoiser uses the latest OptiX temporal denoising to improve animation render times.
  • Even faster renders using intelligent scene and settings optimizations preset modes with higher K-Cycles performance while still maintaining good image quality.
  • Amazing viewport Ultra Lighting, Post FX including BLOOM effects, FLARES with glare, anamorphic and ghosts, Tone Mapping and Lens effects that elevates your art to the next level.
  • All K-Cycles Ultra Lighting and Post FX effects are animation ready with all the settings fully keyable and with previews on the viewport.
  • The K-Cycles Ultra Lighting, Post FX effects can be done in the viewport or final render both in GPU or CPU.
  • Cycles image quality with less render noise.
  • Fully compatible with Cycles and all Blender addons.
  • Regular stable release and alpha builds updates with the latest features from the Blender.
  • One version optimized for both Optix and Cuda.
  • Easy to use without the need of changing Cycles settings for fast performance.

K-Cycles Performance

  • K-Cycle performance mode.
  • GPU Boost.
  • Global Illumination presets.
  • Sampling render presets.
  • Optimize viewport updates.


A set of Cycles performance features and options for improving the Cycles viewport and final rendering. The K-Cycles performance mode for maximizing the rendering time. GPU Boost controls Cycles GPU memory to help improve performance and memory usage. Global Illumination presets allow scene lighting settings for faster rendering or higher lighting quality. Sampling final render presets is the best way to control the render time, noise level and scene image quality. Reduce viewport updates for faster viewport rendering.


The performance chart below compares K-Cycles to the same Cycles build of Blender. Tests done with the default Cycles final render settings of noise threshold of “0.01” and samples of “4096” without denoiser.

K-Cycles 3.30 Stable Renderer for Blender Free Download




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