Rebelway – Introduction to Houdini for 3D Artists Free Download

By | January 28, 2020

Rebelway – Introduction to Houdini for 3D Artists Free Download


This course is designed for people who have a good understanding of CG and interested in gaining a full understanding of houdini and how to utilise it’s procedural modeling tools to create 3d assets, create environment, shade and render using mantra as well as learn how to composite using Houdini COPs.
We will be creating a vast number of assets with each we learn how to use certain nodes in houdini and how to procedurally model complex geometry.
We will start by analysis and learn about Gothic architecture and see how we can build our own solution to create the iconic windows, arches and pillar used in this architecture, we will then tweak and assemble various asset to create Modular blocks that once put together will create a very complex procedural environment in Houdini.
We will then learn how to procedurally create uvs for the main assets.
Shade the majority of the asset created and start lighting and rendering our environment.
By the end of the 5th week the student should acquire a very deep understanding of how Houdini works and be able to have a fully fledged environment created.


  • Intro to proceduralism and Houdini’s interface
  • Maya vs max vs Houdini, transition and differences
  • Intro to Houdini contexts
  • Intro to vex and pointvops
  • How to get the most out of the workshop
  • An in-depth look at modular design
  • Start modeling first elements of the environment


  • Solving problems in Houdini
  • A look at Gothic architecture and how to design tools to procedural create the various windows, arches, pillars and shapes
  • Layout and composition
  • Creating generic tools to help us build the various elements needed for the environment
  • Modeling the main blocks of the environment


  • Procedurally and dynamically assemble the environment
  • Model the environment ground
  • Procedural UV generation for the various model created
  • Bonus/Advanced: Creating OTLS In Houdini.

WEEK4 —-

  • Intro to shading, Lighing in mantra
  • Setting up a lookdev lightrig
  • Shade the various elements created for the main block of the environment
  • Create more complex shading by reading points attribute stored in the mesh to drive various parts of the shader

WEEK5 —–

  • Lighting the interior
  • Settings all the passes and aovs using takes
  • Render optimization
  • Compositing the various passes in cops
  • Create fog passes in Houdini using vdb volumes

Rebelway – Introduction to Houdini for 3D Artists Free Download

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