Soundiron Olympus Elements for Kontakt Full Version

Soundiron Olympus Elements for Kontakt Full Version

Olympus Elements symphonic choir is a 63-voice professional choir, expertly built for use with Ableton Live. With beautifully recorded sample content and a wide range of dynamics and articulations, this Pack provides the most important elements of a large chorus in a convenient all-in-one solution.

Designed for professional composers, songwriters and hobbyists alike, Olympus Elements offers a glorious sounding, efficient and user-friendly virtual choral ensemble without the complicated phrase building, channel routing or tedious lyrical arrangement to worry about.

Flexible Vocal Variations

Olympus Elements focuses on the pure essential vowel sounds, including Ah, Eh, Ei, Ee, Ih, Oh and Oo, as well as the classic hummed Mm sound. It also includes a broad range of classic symphonic choral vocal effects, along with dozens of unique custom handcrafted choral-based ambient pads, textures and atmospheric soundscapes.

In the main Full Choir ensemble preset, you can choose between the eight vowel sounds, switch between sustain and staccato articulations and adjust the dynamic level for both the men’s and women’s sections independently.

The sustain articulations feature soft pianissimo and loud fortissimo dynamic layers, with the ability to smoothly crescendo and decrescendo between dynamics in real-time, and Macro control over lowpass filter, attack, decay and release trigger response curves.

The Full Choir Choral Effects offer dozens of different creative choral effect types to choose from, from sweeps, swells, risers, falls, shouts, and trills to drones, whispers, and harmonic or dissonant clusters.

The dedicated men’s and women’s ensemble presets also feature round-robin variation for both staccato and sustain release samples to provide more vibrant realism, as well as Macro control over pitch transposition.

Expertly Recorded

Olympus Elements was recorded in a large acoustically-balanced hall, using a wide six-channel stage microphone array to achieve a natural concert sound that puts you right on the conductor’s podium. In order to capture every nuanced detail, Soundiron used only the highest-quality large diaphragm Neumann microphones and high dynamic range Sound Devices recording hardware. Soundiron’s hand-selected chorus features esteemed members of the Volti choir, the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, and the San Francisco Opera under the direction of the world-renowned Robert Geary of the San Francisco Choral Society, Volti, and Piedmont Children’s Chorus.

Feature Overview

• Full 31-voice Men’s ensemble (Bass, Baritone and Tenor).

• Full 32-voice Women’s ensemble (Alto and Soprano).

• 8 major vowel sustain types with release samples (Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh, and Oo) available in both soft pp and forceful ff dynamics.

• 8 major vowel staccato types with round-robin variation (Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh, and Oo).

• Vowel sound and articulation type selection controls allow real-time switching and performance arrangement.

• Large selection of vowel-based Choral FX, with clusters, swells, risers, falls, whispers, shouts, and more.

• Attack & Release controls let you shape your own syllables, sustains, and room decay timing.

• Dynamic swell controls allow real-time dynamic performance shaping and morphing for each section independently.

• Bonus Ambiences preset featuring atmospheric pads and soundscapes.

Soundiron Olympus Elements for Kontakt Full Version

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