Stardust 1.3.1 Plugin for After Effects Full Version

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Stardust 1.3.1 Plugin for After Effects Full Version

AEScripts Stardust 1.3.1 Plugin for After Effects Full Version. It’s a script for Adobe After Effects

Stardust’s already extensive 3D rendering capabilities have just been vastly expanded with the introduction of planar reflection, sub-surface scattering, emissive materials and more to our toolset, giving a lively and organic feel to your imagery.

Our animation engine has been augmented with new powerful tools, allowing for greater freedom in realizing your vision. “Connect” allows for physical particles to interact using constraints of various kinds, and “3D Model deform” offers tools to bring objects to life by bending and flexing space for creating tunnels or extruding and bending 3D text along a path and much more.

In addition, we are releasing a free 3D model library with nearly 200 textured models for our customers, to swiftly build designs for your projects with single-click added objects, to be used as particles or stand-alone models, all rendering and interacting with Stardust’s highly flexible particle system in one shared 3D space.

Combined with the already extensive toolbox for particle animation and 3D render engine, including the renowned Replica tool, modular forces and physics engine, gives the next level of particle generation tools, enabling creations never before possible inside Adobe After Effects.
Main New Features :

  • 3D Library – Nearly 200 textured 3D models loaded with a single click, parented to a controlling Null layer. The library is available for download from the Preset window.
  • Connect – connect physical particles to each other using various constraint types, for creating Springs and Chains.
  • Planar reflection – Have object reflect off of planes.
  • Model Path Deform – Deform models in 3D space using masks or paths defined with AE lights.
  • Groups – Transform model parts by OBJ groups.
  • Subsurface scattering – Create organic lighting look for surfaces.
  • New Material options  – Refraction , Emissive , Adjust Environment and Reflection .
  • Model node as emitter source – Create emitter source with model node and apply deformers.
  • Speed – Up to 15% faster render.
  • Gloss / Roughness – Inverted for easier import PBR materials.

In Depth:

  • Model node – Added segments to extruded path for better deformation.
  • Model node – Auto load 3D Model material textures on import.
  • Model node – Respect node active state when connected to particle nodes.
  • Particle node – Set ‘Use model’ to either ‘All’ or ‘Random’ for when multiple model nodes are connected.
  • Transform node – Use Null layer for easier transformation control.
  • Physics -Better interactive responsiveness while tweaking physical particles.
  • Physical forces – New spherical type: ‘Particle birth’. used to attract particles to their birth position.
  • Physics forces – New parameter for spherical forces: ‘To distance’. Factors the distance to the influence.
  • Main effect render options – Make environment layer visible in render.
  • Main effect render options -Select ‘Helpers’ render color.



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