UX in Motion – Dashboard Animations Free Download

By | September 13, 2021

UX in Motion – Dashboard Animations Free Download

Dashboard Animations


Learn how to make your data and dashboards come alive for your users using Adobe After Effects. Learn how to animate graph shapes and colors, numbers, line graphs, radial graphs, odometer numbers, and more.

āœ“ Learn how to animate graph bars, charts, and shapes
āœ“ Learn how to animate radial graphs
āœ“ Learn how to animate transitions between data states
āœ“ Learn how to animate drawing lines
āœ“ Learn how to handoff animations to engineers


In the The Dashboard Animations course you will learn how to importantĀ UI animations that appear in dashboard and information display contexts.

In this course, you will be primarily working with Adobe After Effects ‘shape layers’, which are vector animatable layers. One of the great things about these layers is that you can export them as JSON files for your engineering team.

You will also be learning strong best practices and workflows, as well as how to make numbers count, the trim paths tool, masking, how to animate changing colors, and other criticalĀ tools and techniques.

In putting this course together, IĀ trend-mapped hundreds of dashboard and information related animations. They fell into 8 key buckets, and those are the main lessons in the course.

I also wanted you to learn how to assemble multiple dashboard pre-compositions that you built into one large display animation. This is the final tutorial.

The bonuses include my UI Animation Fast Start course if you have no experience working in After Effects. It will get you up and running in less than an hour. If you are new to After Effects, watch that first and then dive into the tutorials.

When you buy the course, you will also get access to theĀ private UX in Motion Facebook group where you can get questions answered and feedback.

Issara Willenskomer
Founder of UX in Motion, Instructor

UX in Motion – Dashboard Animations Free Download





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