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FXHOME PhotoKey 7 Pro

The world’s best green screen software just got better

PhotoKey 7 Pro is the green screen software of choice for professional photographers. Providing fast, powerful and creative background replacement, PhotoKey takes you and your clients to anywhere in the world. Includes automatic batch processing and Photoshop CC plugin.

PhotoKey 7 Pro instantly removes your green screen and replaces it with a new background, delivering professional results every time whether you’re in your studio or at a live event. Shooting green screen has never been easier. Includes fully automatic mode for processing thousands of images and a plugin for integrating into your Photoshop workflow. Trusted for over 8 years and recommended by 97% of customers.

Photoshop plugin won’t work unless you purchase it.



  • Instant, automatic green screen removal
  • Fully automated batch processing
  • Includes Photoshop CC plugin
  • Second screen preview for clients
  • Import multiple green screen photos & background images
  • Give your clients choice by exporting each photo to multiple background images
  • Advanced spill suppression and replacement technology for natural results
  • Over 30 effects and color correction filters
  • Text tools for titles and captions
  • Add your own overlays and additional layered elements
  • Freehand mask drawing
  • Supports up to 70 megapixels
  • Integrated FTP upload
  • Free video tutorials and support


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