Lens Distortions Eclipse Free Download

Lens Distortions Eclipse Free Download


Blazing ring effects for Photoshop


25 High-Resolution Eclipse Overlays

  • Highly detailed with natural variances
  • Easy to use Photoshop actions
  • Includes High Res JPEG and PNG files (5976 x 5976)
  • Photoshop CS4 – Photoshop CC compatible
  • Mac + Windows
  • Download size: 313MB
  • Optional 16 Bit PNG download size: 1.7GB

Make a statement

These blazing ring effects are created by capturing the interplay between metallic tubing and natural light. The tubes reflect the light into the lens creating circular glows and interesting textures.

Each effect is shot in-camera in high-resolution, providing intricate texture and chromatic detail. They also pair perfectly with our Light Hits effects.

Unique Aesthetic

There’s no question, Eclipse effects are anything but subtle and they’re not appropriate for every project. But, in the right shot, they can be just the thing to make a moment into a grand statement.

The flexibility of adding them in post allows for greater experimentation with this distinct look.

Easy Adjustments

The included Photoshop actions provide quick access to the Camera Raw Filter and other adjustments, giving you full control over the tone and color of the effect.


Every edge of the effect is usable, and you can easily scale and rotate it into position.



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