Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6.0.351 WIN Full Version Free Download

By | November 28, 2020

Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6.0.351 WIN Full Version Free Download

The All New Marvelous Designer 10



Simple, fast, stunning results. Let your imagination take the lead.

GPU Simulation
Select Simulate (GPU) for faster Simulation when working on a 3D Garment.
Draw topology lines on a pattern and create a new mesh.
Half Pattern Symmetry
Edit a single pattern symmetrically based on its center line.
Subdivide mesh of selected area.
Mirror Creation
Symmetrically create polygons, internal polygon patterns.
Environment Display 3D on the 3D window.
Pattern Making Tools
Pattern Making tools are merged to a group menu.


Experience the strongest cloth simulation engine!
Anyone can make realistic 3D clothes.

One of a kind solution
for 3D artists

Marvelous Designer is the best solution for making, editing and reusing 3D clothes.

Save your time to make tiny wrinkles on the clothes.
Create intricate custom outfits with a few clicks.

Fast & Easy

Marvelous Designer adopted real traditional cloth production method into 3D cloth modeling.

Anyone can create natural 3D wrinkles with Marvelous Designer.

Effective & Efficient

Create re-usable 3D asset for various 3D characters.

Standardize high quality result for every artist.

Create countless variations with one clothing asset.

Marvelous Designer provides the most accurate and fastest cloth simulation.

Check the natural and realistic wrinkles formed automatically.

Dynamic Wrinkle Brush
Create realistic cloth with Wrinkle Brush and Release Brush.

Auto Fitting
Automatically edit a garment for different avatars.

Substance Integration
Substance SBSAR file format compatible.

Texture Repeat Type: Unified Map
Apply texture based on the UV Map.

New Avatar
New Avatars and garments added.

Avatar Size
Default Avatar shape is now adjustable. Adjust OBJ avatar size.

UV Editor Improvements
Edit texture based on UV.

Improved Tablet Compatibility
Supports pen tablet and pressure.

Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6.0.351 WIN Full Version Free Download

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